Monday, October 24, 2011


Beautiful scenic drive up to Salmon Idaho. We were hoping to see fall color and we did. Not a ton of red, just hints of it sprinkled throughout. A bit of orange here and there. Rich with golden yellow and plenty of velvety green lingering. There is nothing disappointing about the Idaho countryside. We had to stop and catch our breath. The light was incredible and irresistible, I only wish the pictures could do it justice!

This was like a tunnel. The trees and shrubs had grown over and touched to make a canopy overhead, and we had to duck to walk through it. The path was littered with a carpet of leaves and everywhere we looked we were surrounded.

We came around a corner and the countryside was dotted with licorice cows! There were stretches of winding roads but it seemed every turn delivered something better than the last.

This is the home of our sweet hosts, Paul & Deanna, in Salmon. They were told the house is over 100 years old. It is beautiful! These two could run a Bed & Breakfast, (a dream of Deanna's)  that's how plush the visit was. We were made to feel like we were visiting royalty. Deanna has hospitality down so well, I just followed her around watching everything she did, hoping I'd come back home and be able to emulate her.

Here's a view of the front porch. Inviting right? I fell in love with this house and the way they have it decorated. It is so warm and friendly, it's like the house itself has a personality but I guess it's really just Paul and Deanna and their awesomeness  rubbing off on everything. I wish I'd gotten more pics of the inside. The table was always set and ready with a beautiful tea service and a plethora of teas, coffee and homemade treats. We ate A LOT. I'm not very happy about that now, but at the time it was total bliss.

This is what the scenery is like in downtown Salmon. Mountains all around, trees, color, the gorgeous Salmon river, also known as the river of no return. The middle fork of the river is one of the premier recreational rafting and kayaking rivers in the world. With the friendliest people you'll ever hope to run across.

Deanna and I enjoying the great outdoors. It was one of those drop dead gorgeous days, dripping with blue sky, purple mountain ranges, endless trees, sunshine like, well, you see.
See Deanna's beautiful smile? It never leaves her face! She's from Texas and has an endearing accent, I could listen to her all day. When we were complimenting her on her home she replied, "I just love a house with purty little things."

Our lovely hosts. 

I know there's a lot of pictures on this post. I tried to trim it down some but then I'd think, oh they didn't see the right side of the river, or the left, or the one with the mountain in the center. (she said sheepishly.)

Now we're on the trip home. More beautiful sights.

Deanna was fond of saying the trees look like they're glowing from the inside out. Indeed.


  1. I LOVE your outfit in the first picture—roadside chic! And your photos are GORGEOUS. If they don’t do it justice I can’t imagine how beautiful it was in real life. The colors!!! And licorice cows?!...I want to go to there. Their house is so pretty—looks so warm and inviting. Looks like it was a blast; but glad to have you back. ☺xoxo

  2. Thank you daughter! :) I can always count on you for a lovely compliment. I loved the sight of those licorice cows! hehe.

  3. Thank you, Cindy, for the gorgeous pictures and prose. I felt like I had a mini vacation there!!!


  4. This is my favorite Post you have done so far! The river and pasture shots were beautiful and gave me a real feel for the Salmon area.
    Of course that was one great shot of you and Kevin.
    The light was so pretty in all of these photos. Beautiful!