Thursday, October 13, 2011


Fun day out at Wagner Farms hunting for that perfect pumpkin with my blog pal and another Dear friend. Can a day ever be filled with too much laughter? Pure fun with those two.

What a beautiful day! Moderate temps, drop dead gorgeous blue sky with puffy, endless clouds and mountain ranges all around, and pumpkins.... of every shape and size and color!

Pumpkins, those harbingers of fall. I just love 'em, I think they bring style to a home! To me they say, someone fun loving lives here.

I believe these are French Pumpkins, also known as Cinderella pumpkins. The only thing I know for sure is they are BOMB-A looking!


 We had a blast out there. Who knew Pumpkin picking would be such fun? When I say pick, I mean "choosing" the ones we wanted. They had to be just right. We looked at shape, is it round enough? Can you see the ridges enough for that rich texture? Is the stem cool enough? It took awhile. Serious business.

Here are our great picks! Mine on the left, Karen Lou's on the right! I wish we could've video taped us trying to back this wagon/trailer up to get it to the car! We had to back it out of the shed because it was close quarters in there and people all around. Once we got outside though we totally could've just turned the darn thing around and just pulled it behind us. But we struggled with it for a few feet more and then the light went on....Oh! Well, I feel sheepish. 

Pretty Pumpkins and morning light. Sigh. 

"I would rather sit on a pumpkin
 and have it all to myself, than be
 crowded on a velvet cushion."
~Henry David Thoreau~


  1. Good times were had by all!

    The photo of your centerpiece with the morning light hitting the pumpkins is beautiful.

  2. Looks like another awesome day in Idaho! I still have to get some pumpkins and a new broom to ride on the big night. lol!
    I wish I could get to Boise soon to see Darlene's and her changes. I am hoping to come over before the middle of Nov. because then our roads can get pretty bad here in Carey and surrounding areas. I don't leave town after then until Spring.
    So great to here from you Cindy Lou!

  3. Karen-that picture of you holding the pumpkin is great. You always have that big smile on. You lovey, you!!!