Sunday, November 27, 2011


Introducing Small Business Saturday! Guess that explains it all..we are celebrating
local small businesses here in Boise.
I am focusing on my favorite small business, good goods & co
Cheri, owner of good goods & co , has invited 3 other small
business owners to share their crafts today, as well as hers.
Was a smashing success!
Okay, I felt like I was at a party the entire day!

Cutest little green pipe cleaner Christmas tree.
I know someone who wants it, and I think she better high tail it down to good goods & co.
and snag it, before it is gone!

Let it Snow!

A willing customer, having fun, and sharing her adorable ear muffler!

This is the name of Pam and Bridget's incredible catering company.
Wow, I got to sample  Arrigo's meatballs, fabulous! After sampling found out the meat was actually turkey!
The turkey meatballs were baked, so delicious, and so good for you!

There is no other catering company I know of who can offer you their incredible "taste" for such a low price!
Call them at 870-2680 or 861-0374.

Pamela Berry, EYE FOR DESIGN, Cindy Mcatee, NATURALLY  IDAHO, Marilyn Perkins, A DESIGN EXCLUSIVE.

Always so much to "ogle" at good goods & co.

That's Cheri behind the counter, the red head, behind her is Elaine, with the beautiful silver hair.
Both have worked side by side for many years, a perfect match!

This is A Design Exclusive by Marilyn.
Unique, beautifully colored scarves ( very versatile, head bands, belts, ) What ever your imagination wants to create!
No two alike!
A different take on "scarves".
She also makes accessories in her own special style.

One of Marilyn's belts!

All so much fun, colorful and creative!

Cheri, being Cheri, kicked back, and enjoying her customers.
Totally in her element.

 Naturally Idaho created by Cindy and Kevin McAtee.
A home spun business, inspired by their love for all things natural, local business, and the bounty of produce our own Idaho has to offer.
Thus, Naturally Idaho

Eleven different Jams.
Each Jam is made with berries hand picked by Cindy and Kevin from various different locations right here in the Treasure Valley. Made with honey or unprocessed sugar. You have to taste these Jams to appreciate them.

A customer with ideas of how she can use these gourmet jams to enhance her personal gifts to loved ones.

Lots of their customers today wanted to know how to order.
All you need to know is their website..

Kevin, the jam man.
All good things sooner or later come to an end.
Small Business Saturday is one of those Good Things!
Thank-you Cheri, of good goods & co ....

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Full with a sweet Thanksgiving day meal..
Taking a BIG walk around the block. Below is Borah's Baseball field,
Beyond, our beautiful foothills!

Along the Canal, just below our street!
Pretty beautiful.

Okay, here we go, Christmas....

Santa in an Air Stream...Santa Rocks!

Good Bye Autumn... Bring it on Winter... I want SNOW!

Monday, November 21, 2011


Getting ready. Time to pull out your cache of goodies you use this time of year to see what works. See if anything needs a polish or shine.

Plentiful Platters to choose from.

Fancy Forks!

Love using my brown transferware this time of year. I got this set years ago at tj maxx. I still love it!

Trying to figure out what works best.

I'm picturing some Sparkling Cider in those goblets. Something bubbly.

Linen Sampler.

Might have to break out the iron. So worth it though to set the table pretty. Once when we went on vacation we ate at a tea house with cloth table linens and napkins and candles, fresh flowers. And of course the food was beautifully prepared. The husband asked, "Why don't we eat like this at home?" Hmmm.

LOVE my beautiful Bittersweet wreath I got from goodgoods !

A last look at our gorgeous fall leaves.

All that yummy golden light.

Thought I'd close with this stunning shot my son Conner captured of the capitol. ~
May God continue to bless our country and our families. May we continue to strive to deserve it. May we forever acknowledge all that we have to be grateful for.