Monday, November 7, 2011


I know Halloween has come and gone but couldn't resist this scene of the day after. (Wouldn't want to be on clean up!) A good goal for next year though.  Jack O' Lantern City.


This friendly face cheers me every time I look up and see it. He's staying out until Thanksgiving.

Brilliant November sun with a crisp bite that heralds winter's chilly temps. 

No worries. That's what scarves and gloves are for. Bundle up and enjoy!

Even the wet, overcast days have their share of beauty. Ahhh Autumn.

Cozy up and get comfy. It's time to BAKE! And taste..and sniff and indulge, treat, pamper...I could go on and on.

LOVE my sweet daughter's apron. Just couldn't resist showing you the shoes. No reason to not look glamorous while one is baking.

Summer/Fall mash up. Green grass and luscious leaves.


  1. love all the scarves and gloves! and the pumpkins are amazing, wow!

  2. Yes I I'm all about getting cozy and comfy..Hot soups, slippers, lamp light,
    bring it on!

  3. Cold weather is such a lovely excuse for comfort isn't it?

  4. yes...especially comfort FOOD! :)

  5. Can you imagine cleaning ou all those pumpkins to carve them???? Could you ring the doorbell here and find out how many people participate in this carving project?? I really would like to know!!

    And also, if you get tired of Mecale--please send her to my house.