Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lazy Dayz of Late Summer

Summer Strawberries!


Summerdos. Daughters are full of such splendor.

Late Summer walks...sons are pretty spectacular too. Epiphany:
A comprehension or perception of reality by means of a sudden intuitive realization.

Thank God for epiphanies cause you might think you're just on a normal everyday walk and then you have one and realize how blessed you are to have a son, and a daughter, or maybe so beyond blessed you have two of each (hand on my heart) and you're breathless just pausing and taking it all in. That's what I call sweet life.

This just looks like it could be the Tree of Life to me.

Summertime at the Pond

 I found these guys so charming. I love the way they're hidden in the grass.  They're digging Summer too. Just plop on down, take a load off and watch the lazy days just slip on by.

And lookie here. Who needs exotic lands and faraway romantic holidays? This is sprinkler time in my own backyard. I'm thinking I might be easy to please. It's a good thing.

Sweetpeas...Sweet Summer.

Summer Flowers.

Our monster Sunflower and that almost can't believe it Idaho sky!

BLACKBERRIES! It's a superfruit. Meaning they are juicy morsels bursting with nutrients. Apparently they have disease fighting capabilities. A potent antiaging food! Give me some of those!

And they are beautiful. gotta love it.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Even the word is pretty.

Everything was just know, lavender. :)

I just thought it was beautiful out here. Once again, mucho pictures but, how do you choose? I say use 'em all!

Really love this one. So pastoral. Love those tractors too.

Kevin picking culinary lavender and then he picked apricots and made apricot/lavender jam. It is delicious!

This has been such an amazing summer and going on all these "let's pick it fresh" jaunts have really been a lot of fun.  Life's simple pleasures I guess...sigh. Soul enriching Summertime. Savoring every minute.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


As you can imagine it was hard to pick a fave. But this beauty won. It's just got the whole package. Gorgeous lush landscaping, all those old majestic trees in every color of green. The shot of pink from the flowers, the charm of the old brick walkway. Not to mention the grand pillars....breathtaking really!

Dream home

We were delighted by this little cutie. 

Charming country cottage porch just welcoming us in to have a glass of lemonade and sit and visit a spell. Good thing we restrained ourselves, since we don't know these people. But can I just say...well done to you! (Thanks Sandy, ;)

I just love this pic. I guess it's the light hitting the trees like that. I'm a sucker for light. But that house is pretty splendid too. Love the flags and windows and the architecture. The landscaping and the fences, it all seems to just fit so well together. 

Even the sidewalks pack an extra punch on Warm Springs. Look at those hedges! 

Apparently blue symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth and heaven. Well. Welcome to my threshold.

Warm Springs Historic District, not only is a display of beautiful homes, but is also very significant in its role of being one of the first districts in the world to utilize geothermal sources of heat.

What does "Red" say to you?
To me it is welcome and protected.

The next two photos ( as well as this ) do represent "Our Fave Home" beautiful!

This home is most likely still being heated by natural hot water today! As well as most of the homes along Warm Springs.

Long inviting walks on this sidewalk along the boulevard!

Ending our excursion, we stopped into a cafe and had wonderful hot bagels, and coffee's with a signature!