Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lazy Dayz of Late Summer

Summer Strawberries!


Summerdos. Daughters are full of such splendor.

Late Summer walks...sons are pretty spectacular too. Epiphany:
A comprehension or perception of reality by means of a sudden intuitive realization.

Thank God for epiphanies cause you might think you're just on a normal everyday walk and then you have one and realize how blessed you are to have a son, and a daughter, or maybe so beyond blessed you have two of each (hand on my heart) and you're breathless just pausing and taking it all in. That's what I call sweet life.

This just looks like it could be the Tree of Life to me.

Summertime at the Pond

 I found these guys so charming. I love the way they're hidden in the grass.  They're digging Summer too. Just plop on down, take a load off and watch the lazy days just slip on by.

And lookie here. Who needs exotic lands and faraway romantic holidays? This is sprinkler time in my own backyard. I'm thinking I might be easy to please. It's a good thing.

Sweetpeas...Sweet Summer.

Summer Flowers.

Our monster Sunflower and that almost can't believe it Idaho sky!

BLACKBERRIES! It's a superfruit. Meaning they are juicy morsels bursting with nutrients. Apparently they have disease fighting capabilities. A potent antiaging food! Give me some of those!

And they are beautiful. gotta love it.


  1. what a sweet post...especially as we are preparing to say goodbye to summer. i love the monster sunflower pic! and the one of j at the pond. very cool, thanks for sharing.

  2. The giant cornflower is award winning! Great post!

  3. Beautiful pics!! That is one humongus (really big!) blackberry! You only need a couple to make a jar of jam!! Yummy!

  4. Who did Mecales french braid? I mean I can"t see being able to do it by yourself..It's so beautiful!