Wednesday, August 10, 2011


As you can imagine it was hard to pick a fave. But this beauty won. It's just got the whole package. Gorgeous lush landscaping, all those old majestic trees in every color of green. The shot of pink from the flowers, the charm of the old brick walkway. Not to mention the grand pillars....breathtaking really!

Dream home

We were delighted by this little cutie. 

Charming country cottage porch just welcoming us in to have a glass of lemonade and sit and visit a spell. Good thing we restrained ourselves, since we don't know these people. But can I just say...well done to you! (Thanks Sandy, ;)

I just love this pic. I guess it's the light hitting the trees like that. I'm a sucker for light. But that house is pretty splendid too. Love the flags and windows and the architecture. The landscaping and the fences, it all seems to just fit so well together. 

Even the sidewalks pack an extra punch on Warm Springs. Look at those hedges! 

Apparently blue symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth and heaven. Well. Welcome to my threshold.


  1. Yes these houses are very majestic. I hope they don't have all their money in stocks and shares or they might be moving out! You might get one at a bargain basement price :)
    You must have a wonderful climate there because the gardens are so green. By this time of year here, everything is brown and dead. Lucky you. But I guess that means you have cold winters?

  2. We get cold periods, but not too harsh really. Temps are typically 30-50 degrees during the day, below freezing at night. During inversions the temps can drop and there'll be some real cold, but it doesn't last long. We're high desert here, so very dry. And lots of sun. We get the four seasons, for the most part winter is moderate.