Sunday, August 7, 2011

Missing you Sandy!
Your Blog was my favorite.

Where are you?

Please come back!


  1. Oh no. That's ever so kind of you. I am truly grateful. I just felt I can't blog. I don't mean to disappoint but I don't have a theme and my instincts tell me to say something meaningful, useful etc. which gets me into trouble. I do think blogs are wonderful but, for me, right now I think I should just look at others. I think it's lovely the way you two make the most of your life there...and I can watch and enjoy. Bless you gals. x

  2. Awww. We will miss your blog Sandy! But so glad you will be looking, so we can keep in touch! Email us anytime! Nice pics Karen!

  3. I loved your Blog! You are so creative! When I looked at it I felt as if I was visiting Austrialia and getting to know the country. Will also miss your Blog. I understand that sometimes we just have to step back. Plase visit us and let us know how things are!