Thursday, June 30, 2011

Farewell to June?...say it isn't so!

I do not want to say goodbye to June. It's been a lovely month altogether. So much to do & see around Boise in sweet summer. With bike riding along the river, concerts and dancing barefoot in the park to live local bands, blooms with colors so sharp they look fake or enhanced, (they're not!) Parades at Cherry festivals,  gardens and their homegrown, bountiful delights, plays at the Ann Morrison center, (Mama Mia, Wicked, Legally Blonde, Fiddler on the roof!). Endless restaurants downtown & along the Boise river for dining al fresco...ICE CREAM, trees, amazing sunsets. All I have to say is....July, you've got some big shoes to fill.

An evening out to Chili's dowtown Boise. Left the car parked there and walked over to the Ann Morison Center to see Mama Mia. This is our view while strolling by. Nice. 
The husband planted these last fall. They're called The Knock Out Rose. I can see why.

Cherry Festival parade,  Emmett ID.

This is completely random and probably belongs on another post altogether. But check out this sweet shirt/jacket I got at the thrift store.  It's J.Jill. I love this thing! I've been wearing the heck out of it. It's perfect for the parks and bike rides when the sun goes down.

Whole lot a goofy!


Coffee ice cream with slivered almonds. Right in my own back yard. Sometimes there's no place like home.

Our beautiful river. What do the people without a river do?

Gorgeous sunset and summer storm sky on the way home from a bike ride.  A spectacular show of rousing thunder and lightning followed. Pure entertainment.

This is the Botanical gardens on a Thurs. night when they have their Great Garden Escape concerts. Awesome way to spend a summer evening listening to local bands play & people dance barefoot! Right up my ally. Pure fun!

Crowd at the Botanical. Don't let the calm faces fool you. These people can cut a rug!!!

Daughters purchases after a trip to the Boise Co-op.  She pulled these salt-pickled plums out of her bag with this delighted smile on her face and said, "I've been dying to get some of this umeboshi!" Hmmm, haven't we all? She says it's Japan's equivalent to "an apple a day."

You would think I would get fresh bananas if I was going to post a bowl of fruit. Just keepin it real. 

D.I.Y.  pedi's
Goodbye sweet June. OK July, bring it.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


June 17th, headed to Dodge City Kansas, from Boise Idaho, to visit my daughter, Mary. It's always a bit hair raising to fly Denver to Dodge in a little prop plane, the notorious winds of Kansas like to mess with that flight! After arriving to 100 plus heat, we had a good time playing tourist's in Dodge. Wyatt Earp Drive is where the action is! YaHoo!

Mary standing outside Daily Globe.
Slaving away at her desk at the Daily Globe.
Inside one of the first Church's in Dodge.

Help! We didn't do it!
Having a cup of coffee at one of Dodge's two coffee houses.
Our new Best Friend.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Digging June so far....

It's shaping up into a sparkling summer full of family fun. With password & charades in the park. Hysterical laughter, good fresh air, moderate temperatures, blue skys & peaceful r&r.

Lazy dayz of sweet summer.

Blurry but...irresistible  expressions!

Grown up children. The good life!

Gardens + their bounty=Happy farmers/fathers 

The father worked his tail feathers off airing up tires, adding another bike rack to get everyone's "ride" to the park. Happy Father's day! A father's work is never done it seems.