Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lou Lou 2011's photostream

Seriously, just go on a walk.peacefulSereneThings you might see on a walk...Idaho skyIs there anything more magical than...light?
Clouds, sky, light...Tulips are so grand.Sights out the front door.Fresh mowed lawn! The sweetness of Summer.Look at this rockin', wild tree!Our backyard
Flowers & baskets = smilesFountain!..or is it a bird bath?Cuttings from a blooming tree....and here's the blooming tree!Geese, goslings, gaggles..giggles. Gosh!It really is the little things, when I see them...
takin' 5.At their peak!I'm almost just kind of speechless when I look at Tulips.Dressed up in their Sunday best.Curb appeal.I guess you could say I've got a Tulip obsession.

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