Monday, June 13, 2011

In the summertime when the weather is high, you can stretch right up and touch the sky. 
When the weather's fine, and you live near Boise, you have got to go bike riding on that greenbelt! Unbelievable beauty. Ever ridden a bike while a river's rushing by you? It's the bomb!
 Talk about sanity restorative and splendor in the grass. Next time we're packing a lunch, having a picnic, bringing a blanket, layin down our troubles and letting the good times just roll on by. 
Summer, it's worth the wait!

All those beautiful trees....risky!


  1. love the new pics! beautiful

  2. So beautiful, wish we were with you! Great photo's.

  3. Next time you and Mark come with us!

  4. You can tell I'm a newby, look at my icon, I have no head.

  5. I Love the "headless icon"!!!! And I'm really LOVING your comments and beautiful pics!!! I want to move to Boise and we are gonna start looking for jobs!!!!!!

  6. Come!! The winter is a little milder Heidi and not quite as long. I think it would suit you! It is a little hotter in the summer too but nothing you couldn't handle. Way better than Bakersfield and Mojave.