Saturday, June 4, 2011

Highlights of spring...

Could it have been any more bountiful? It's true, it was a little on the chilly side but I thought it was glorious! So many occasions to celebrate. The Tulips!!!!! Oh my. They were incredible. Watching the landscape wake up again after winter runs its course is a breathtaking sight! Never gets old. Now we're heading into summer and everything is looking so lush and green and full. Watched my marriage turn 30, WOW! My youngest graduated from high school. Easter, Mother's Day, Hubby's b-day, Daughter turned 25! So many milestones. Right when you think your heart is going to burst from all that sweet comes summer!! Yep, it was a BOUNTIFUL spring indeed! 
Sunshine & Daffodils! Good combo!
Right outside our window!!!
Beautiful sky after a spring storm.
Our geese family. When you spot these guys, a sure sign spring is here!
Luscious tulips, the yard was covered! (Thanks to that man of mine of 30 yrs!)
Makes me never want to leave my yard! FLOWERS!


  1. love the pics!

  2. You captured Sring beautifully with your photography!