Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Even the word is pretty.

Everything was just know, lavender. :)

I just thought it was beautiful out here. Once again, mucho pictures but, how do you choose? I say use 'em all!

Really love this one. So pastoral. Love those tractors too.

Kevin picking culinary lavender and then he picked apricots and made apricot/lavender jam. It is delicious!

This has been such an amazing summer and going on all these "let's pick it fresh" jaunts have really been a lot of fun.  Life's simple pleasures I guess...sigh. Soul enriching Summertime. Savoring every minute.


  1. A beautiful post. The bushes are ever so sculptural and pretty. And I can smell them from here. You will have to post a photo of the jam too. Sounds so 'interesting'and certainly colourful.