Wednesday, November 16, 2011


A luncheon is such a good way to sit down with friends and enjoy each others company.

I decided I would make French Onion Soup from a recipe I have had for over 30 years.
I love this soup, the recipe was passed along to me from my Mother.

I thought I would use this beautiful French tablecloth but the dishes I chose were "clashing" with it.
Decisions, decisions...

Aha! This will do.

My husband cut two pounds of red onions the night before. I was so thankful when he finished and had all ten fingers intact!

Our kitchen smelled wonderful, but I love the smell of sauteing onions.

I washed the cloth the day before and dried it on the line. It looked like it needed no ironing! Yea!
Decided to "fluff" it in the dryer, big mistake! All it took was two minutes in the dryer to turn it into a wrinkled mess. Ugh!

This salad was made by Mary, one of the ladies.
Not only was it beautiful,  it was delicious!

End result! Worth every minute of preparation!

After we sat down I took one last picture, put my camera down,  and enjoyed good friends, good food, and lots of laughter!


  1. OMGosh! I LOVE this post! So many things. First, I wanted the recipe so now I don't have to ask. I didn't know you used red onions. Interesting. That's so nice of Mark! (You're so lucky! ;)~although he did have that super machine to help him. Love your pics, love the way it tells a story. That pic of Gwynn and Krystal, DARLING! Their faces just about say it all don't they? And last but not least, can I have your silverware? Please? It's real purdy. Great post Karen!

  2. Dear Sweet Cindy Lou,
    You always lift me up with your enthusiasm and your praise!
    Thank-you for being my Blog buddy!
    About the silverware, let me think on that...