Monday, October 10, 2011

OCTOBER'S BEAUTY... has me nearly bursting at the seams!

Just seeing the written word October has me sitting up straighter. October is a month that is rich & plentiful.  Not only is there beauty to behold everywhere the eye roams, it smells good. There's just something delicious in the air. Fireplaces burning with their carefully placed logs, conjuring up thoughts of sweet & savory smells of soup, pies and spiced apple. Inhaling that fresh rain smell and stomping, romping, exploring, embracing all the excitement that October is.

The Boise Greenbelt. I just feel like I'm glory bound when I'm walking on this thing.

The chillier, brisk temps inviting us to pull well worn, bulky sweaters over our heads.  Even the sunlight is different.  Crisp and sharp but mysterious, with dappled shadows, but somehow making the colors deeper, richer. 

We don't even really have our fall color yet. There's some subtle golden yellow in some of the trees...but we've got a ways to go before it reaches splendor stage. But it will.

These guys are cool.  Rough & tumble rustic pumpkins.

In October even an ordinary trip to the grocery store is filled with eye candy!

My one & only. Cute little ghost pumpkin. Wish I had a whole field full. Love to decorate with these beauty's.

October is a month that delights all the senses. Take it all in and enjoy!


  1. Looks very special where you are - calm/serene/lush. I love the change of seasons. Always something different happening in the natural world. So many pumpkins. I guess you will be having pumpkin soup for the next while :)

  2. Yum, Pumpkin Soup, that would be a great dish to make!
    I love the rough and tumble pumpkins, where can I get some?

  3. Karen, would you believe, I saw those at Albertsons? Let's go check tomorrow while you are here!

  4. Did love your pictures of the Boise Green Belt<
    the river just seemed so still.