Saturday, October 29, 2011


Welcome to Krystal's Home.  Krystal is a dear friend of ours. We love her for many different reasons, but to know Krystal, you have to know the sound of her laughter. She can see the humor in all  
things. Beauty and creativity rest in her home.

That's Karen Lou greeting us at the threshold there. She's the early bird photographer already busy snapping away at all the eye candy in store for you here. Come on in.

Oh, actually before you come on in, check out one of the many ways Krystal adds character to her surroundings. Just adding a naturally distressed railing here and there really packs a punch.

Krystal's beautiful living room. Krystal has a real passion for beauty and it shows in every corner of her home.

I don't know too many women who would under take the project of installing shutters.
Then adding architectural  pieces as part of the window treatment.
Krystal had no qualms.

This is Krystal's Father. He served in WWII.
Knowing Krystal, means knowing a bit of her Father.
He was everything to her as she grew up, and still is.
In Honor of Him we share this photo.

Love this little seed box! If you can, try and zoom 
in on some of the
little cards that are displayed in the box.

Onward to the kitchen now. Notice the gate at the bottom there. That's to corral Krystal and Jeff's two pugs Buster and Buddy. Even their pet control is designer worthy! Yes, it is a large shutter!

Krystal's stop awhile, smile awhile, cheerful, charming kitchen.

What's not to love? Lunch anyone?

Krystal's home is all about, decor, company, atmosphere. Oh, and chocolate cake!

Two little puffed out pewter Salt and Pepper Shakers.
So sweet!

The much coveted bathroom. This room is amazing. Custom designed by Krystal and her handy hub Jeff.  Famous  DIY'ers! (around here.) Sink/ Cabinet installed by Krystal's husband.
She dreams it up and Jeff makes it happen.

I seriously wanted to slip this into my coat pocket. 
Me too!

Krystal's touches throughout... elegant, romantic and whimsical.

The Romantic Master Suite.

One of the many elegant details throughout.
These antique curtain rods were put to good use here in the master bedroom. 

My favorite picture. I just think this belongs in one of those shabby chic, cottage style coffee table books! (Biting our fists!)

Picking this photo up from Krystal's night stand, my heart was immediately touched by the image.
When her father handed the photo over to Krystal, many years later, he said it was the epitome of how it was growing up with some of her siblings. Krystal is on the right, on fire and rearing to go, one of her sisters standing by, soaking it all up, a dear brother, shy, but happy to be a part of excitement.

Note how this photo "pops",  taking an old photo and cutting it out, and overlaying it on a background
of magazine pictures of greenery. Love it!

This little note says it all about Krystal's husband.
Guess it's not too uncommon to find one on the night stand now and then.

I would love to be a guest, sleeping in this guest room!

Jeff built this addition to their home.
A small picture of their den.

Chock-full of charm out on the patio. Many a party has been celebrated out here in the sunshine and fresh  air. 

This backyard porch is an extension of the home during warmer months.
So peaceful and beautiful. A gathering place.

This Arbor was built by Jeff from some old doors. Again, Krystal had the vision, gathered the materials ,
and her husband made it happen!

Just another piece of creativity.
The key is when you spy it, you have to know how to use it.

Buster and Buddy, the infamous princes of the home.
Begging some food from sweet Cindy Lou.

Our Krystal. 

And so we say " Adieu".

Team blogged by Karen Lou and Cindy Lou


  1. Krystal's place is so lovely, and you two did a great job displaying it. I LOVE the photo of Krystal, Buster, and Buddy! So, so cute! Oh yeah, and every inch of her home.

  2. Darling!! That is such a sweet house, isn't it??And you're right, some of those vignettes DO belong in a mag. Sweet, sweet!!