Friday, July 1, 2011


This Memorial is a sad reminder of lives lost but also an amazing statement of so many who survived.
Picture donated by the Artist who came to Greensburg and photographed all the destruction.

A view from inside the Art Center.
Outside the Art Center.
Greensburg has always been known for its Big Well. A beautiful building, also very "green", will be housing this Well in a couple of years.
These steps remained standing but the building was flattened.
A new Greensburg water tower was also erected after the original was taken down.
Mary and I left Dodge City on a beautiful Saturday morning.
We were heading to Wichita, but stopped on our road trip in a small town, Greensburg.
What an amazing town, so much to learn from this small town's devastating ordeal.
May 4, 2007, a community of 1,400 people, were hit by a Monster Tornado at 9:50 PM.
This tornado, 1.7 miles in width, came barrelling through the town at 205 m.p.h.
The National Weather Service team were able to give the citizens of Greensburg a 20 minute notice. Eleven people died. The town was demolished, 90% gone.
The towns people who decided to remain, and rebuild, are creating a very "Green" Greensburg.
Totally amazing what they have done with many supporter's.
Their efforts are still being realized. Much more to come!
I reccomend this town to anyone's inspiring!


  1. Love that sweet Duvet! ;) Awesome pics!

  2. Can you just imagine being one of those residents that day? So admirable, not only to rebuild, but in such a positive way. Good post, Karen!!