Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Mary, posing by another Mary.

Road to..? Hotel California..?

Bill Clinton...has a lock on ... well ...



Not Our Mary!!!!!
Speeding along Route 400, heading east, you could maybe get a glimpse of "what the heck is that ?"
You could slam on your brakes, and back track to look at the phenomenon, or just decide you were hallucinating.
We decided to stop on our way back to Dodge City and check it out.
Mullinville Kansas, known to us as a blip on the road.
M.T. Liggett, born in the 1930's, retiring from a career in the military. This man is a metal sculptor, who makes one HUGE statement along the highway, and intersecting road passing through Mullinville. Some very disturbing sculpture, and very interesting political statements, as well as local views, and personal opinion.
Hearsay says we could be chased by him with a pitch fork for stopping to look to close.
Took the chance!


  1. Ahh ha. Rather a distraction for motorists but very comical and out-there.

  2. Hi Karen, Thanks for stopping by my blog. I shouldn't be on here...A birthday party to prepare for tomorrow and then I'm off to NZ to visit my birth family! In answer to your question..I haven't actually used blogger b4 although I registered last year. I wondered how to find ppl I might like so I clicked on movies, of all things, that I had entered that I liked as thought that might find ppl with a similar heart. Then I just sifted through profiles until I felt comfortable with a person. I haven't got to writing favorite books maybe that's a clue too, to finding people who may interest you. Anyway...lovely to meet you...and I will be back! God bless

  3. Thank-You, God Bless you too! Enjoy your time in NZ !

  4. Ha ha funny post Karen. So...can he just put his sculptor's there for free? ...SANDY: Your sentence, "I shouldn't be on here..." How many times have we said that the last few weeks, right Karen? I feel like I'm trying to squeeze the rest of my life in.

  5. I would LOVE, LOVE to have a scupture like this in my yard!!!! What fun!!