Thursday, July 28, 2011

How does your garden grow?

Wildly now! But in the beginning...

Espalier apple tree!

Broccoli Beauty

In hopes that sweet peas will soon grow there!

Coming along...

Some of the bounty...

..and Shazam! It's like a jungle out there now.

Peach tree on the right.

TA-DA! I love sweet peas!

'licious maters!

Check out those monster sunflowers! Mercy!

Prolific gardening or run amok?


Trying to find my basil in all this foliage....I think I see it! This was a long post. Did I mention I like taking pictures? Well. I do.


  1. I am so envious! Well done to you. It must be so rewarding to have all of that at your finger tips. I have always wanted a garden but it's not easy here in our severe climate and poor soil. My hubby retires in two years and I'm hoping that he will have a go (I just want to do the picking part :)
    What pests do you have? I ask because it's netted. We have very hungry possums, bush turkeys and an array of birds which also makes it hard.

  2. Sandy, Hi! I didn't know whether to respond here or on your blog, oh well. We have birds. They like to eat everything. We have this really old cherry tree but we have yet to eat one cherry from this yard. It is so tall I don't know how we'd throw a net over it. Maybe someday we'll be able to top-trim it and then throw a net. My hubby is the gardener. He is a DIY King. He can pretty much do anything he puts his mind to (he's making jam now). I also like to do just the picking. Even that I am often confused, "what is this?' If I ever saw (in my yard) a hungry possum or bush turkey (what is it?) I'm sure I would faint. City girl.

  3. That's wonderful. I love that your hubby would make jam. And how grand that he is so handy. Mine is not. And that is understated. But he has other qualities (He's kind and hard working and academic). I am a city girl too. But our house backs onto bush reserve. Bush turkey's are ugly native turkeys and because they are native they are protected, as are possums! The turkeys used to be only in Queensland but have migrated south. I used to compost but now don't as it attracts them. They are very destructive to the garden and have even pecked at my cedar window and door frames. Perhaps we will move to the country to escape the creatures!

  4. Wow!!! This has gone ballistic!!! Isn't it just amazing that you can plant a seed (esp. sunflowers) and THAT comes from it?? So wonderful, Cindy Lu!

  5. I agree with Cheri!
    God sure knew what he was doing!
    Beautiful Garden!

  6. Awesome garden!!! I'm not the least bit envious...okay maybe just a little. My garden is a little pathetic at the moment, haha. Love you guys' blog.
    -Heather (Karen's niece)

  7. Oh Heather, Welcome! So happy to have you along with us!!!! How are you enjoying your new town? Are you blogging? Would love to follow if you are!