Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Can you say Blueberries?

Oh my gosh, how much fun! Beautiful morning for picking blueberries. We picked 'em ourselves this time. I think we arrived at July Blueberries at 8:15 am. Jay told us it takes about a couple of hours to pick two buckets. Between the two of us we got one in about an hr. and a half. Hee hee. The old gray mare, she ain't what she used to be. 

 July Blueberries is a beautiful homestead with a gorgeous field of blueberries ripe for the pickin. There's Mr. Wonderful hard at it.

 That is either a really big hat or I am a pin head. Shhhh!

Oh my goodness, I look like mother goose! Don't I? This so reminds me of mother goose!

Yeah, I really paid attention while Jay was telling us how to pick em. I went for the dark blue cuz those are the ripe ones. Kevin went really fast, he almost filled a bucket while I was just about a quarter up. But mine were dark and ripe and his...not so much. So, you know, slow and steady and all that. 

 Done for the day. Hard work but worth it. I think we're going back on Friday. We're shooting for being there at 7:00.

 I could not resist showing you some pics of the garden at July Blueberries. This is the back of Jay & Carolyn's house. They are the proprietors of this amazing showplace.

Carolyn was there to greet us but then dashed to work. Turns out she works at Edwards Nursery in Boise. Well, it shows. What a gorgeous, well thought out garden and yard she has. It is such a treat to see.

Yeah, biting my fist right about now.

Beautiful morning spent in beautiful surroundings. And...we have fresh blueberries!


  1. Love this! I now have blueberry fever!

  2. ....i like blueberries...........

    Where is this place??? It's darling. You and K do the funnest things! (I'm biting MY fist!)

    And you are a SILLY goose. A totally silly goose!

  3. LOL, I know! It's in Eagle on Burns st. near Floating Feather and Ballentine. Close to where we used to live in Eagle. You can visit by appt. only. Let me know if you want the number.

  4. haha! you are mother goose! your face is so serious--you're really showing those berries who's boss. oh my goodness--i LOVE her garden sign (and garden). how fun.