Saturday, July 16, 2011


Hmmmmm ... can I afford this garlic?
Great day at Boise's Farmer's Market! So many colors, fresh produce, and interaction with people.
This is a must for a Saturday Morning. Be prepared to go with the flow, and enjoy the many flavors, scents, color and local produce.

So beautiful, had to buy some!

Abundance of beautiful home grown produce!
Global Market
Homemade Pies 
A very popular space.
Individual hand held pies or a real size pie.
All home made, and very, very, delicious!
Love the "Dog Doo".

Best Mint Limeade ever, and they work hard for their money!
Fantastic Morning!


  1. OMGosh what a lovely post! Looks so fun. Will you go again? LOVE the limes! Are they a wonderful color or what? We should learn how to make our own limeade huh? Can't wait to go!

  2. Mecale found a recipe for mint Limeade. We made some yesterday, yum!

  3. i love how everyone brings their dogs despite all the signs that say "no dogs" haha. ooh we need to make that limeade again!!!