Thursday, February 9, 2012

Visiting California's Coastal Towns

Getting ready to touch down in the ever thrilling Los Angeles California! On a clear day.....

Our view outside the airplane window. Impressive City of Angels. I used to be a nervous flyer. I don't know what happened but now I just sit back and enjoy the ride and the sights outside my window. Now, down on those LA freeways?  No,  not so relaxed anymore. I was like, "What the heck? Where did you come from and why in Sam Hill are you speeding by so recklessly? Why are you up here in my world? Why on earth can't anyone pick a lane and stay in it for longer than 5 seconds? Seriously, that's our exit? 10 ft. away and 6 lanes over? Let's just pick a different destination!" No such luck, my husband considers it a personal challenge to maneuver over fastest from the furthest starting position possible.

Heavenly mist shrouded morning walks in beautiful Cambria California.

Already budding. So many gorgeous trees, bushes, shrubs, plants. Growing things just seem to thrive on the coast. Is there anything more beautiful than flowers at the beach?

The trees were amazing. Dew fresh and moss covered. I don't really know if it's moss. But it's mossish, so, there ya go. 

Serene and picture perfect everywhere you turned.

A peek at the quaint charm of Cambria...downtown! So pretty! Every morning we walked and took in the sights and sounds. We walked backwards up this hill just for that extra push. 

I couldn't stop staring at the majestic trees! Full of character.

One thing I've learned, even if you're going to a warm sunny locale, if it's January...pack a scarf and gloves.  Mine came in mighty handy!

Here it is! The ocean...Cambria style. Just as breathtaking as ever.

We stayed at Cambria  Palms. They had bikes for our use. It was awesome. Beautiful town to toodle around on bikes.

Scoping out other places to stay for return visits. I don't think you could be disappointed, no matter where you stayed.

What if this were your backyard?

This appealed to my sense of humor. Very common when shopping at  Antique stores. 

A very picturesque town. Peaceful, restful place. Sigh.

 Elephant Seals. It was their breeding, birthing, nursing and bull fighting time. All at once. They don't mess around.

Next on our "coastal towns" to visit was Pismo and Avila beaches. Even if the beauty of these two place didn't draw us back every year, these friends would!  Monica, Angie and Sue. Pure fun. Here we are at Avila beach where we soaked up the sun, snacked on the most delicious ice cream and shaved ices and just enjoyed that ocean breeze. 

Kind of a lot of vehicles in this pic, I was trying to show how pretty the shops are amidst all the palm trees.

I spy....a wedding! Love the everyday beach bodies just blending in with the "ceremony" folk. 

What a gorgeous setting for a wedding.

Pismo Beach. Our stunning view outside our hotel window, right on the beach. Sun just about getting ready to set. 

Now that we live in Idaho we really treasure the times we get to go back and see these beautiful beach towns. Having grown up near here,  I'm always surprised when friends aren't familiar with Pismo and these other coastal towns. Everyone should have the pleasure of soaking this in!


  1. This is soooo beautiful!
    I am totally with Gwynn, when are we going?

  2. A trip there together should totes be on our bucket lists!!!!