Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love, Orchids and Chocolate

Happy Valentines Day! We have our very own local candy store that's fun to visit. Even looking in the window is a treat. But for sure, go in and try some of the delicious candy. 

I tried the Turtles. Oh my. So good. 
Oh divine chocolate!
They grind thee kneeling,
Beat thee with hands praying,
And drink thee with eyes to heaven.
Marco Antonio Orellana


 But you have no chocolate!
 I think of that again and again! 
My dear, how will you ever manage?

Marquise De Sevigne,
In a circa 1677 letter to her daughter

I've never really thought about orchids before. They represent love, luxury, beauty and strength.

Not too long ago we visited friends in Carpinteria Ca. and they showed us around their beautiful little town. They took us to Gallup & Stribling, a state of the art breeding, growing and distribution facility. Wow. 1.5 million sq. ft. of greenhouse space full of the drop dead gorgeous flowers!

I took so many pics because of their spellbinding beauty. To walk around the greenhouse and see row after row  in all their splendid, vivid color, well, let's just say I have a new appreciation for Orchids. 

Now I'd really like one. Or two.

I thought the pink were my fave but then to see the white grouped all together, stunning. Very difficult to pick a favorite.

I would love to sit these ones here on my dining room table, just like this. In their rustic little plastic containers! Love it!

What's the earth
 with all its art, verse, music, worth-
Compared with love,
found, gained, and kept?
~Robert Browning


  1. What a great post. That candy store is so inviting. But I'll take the orchids. What a magnificent range they have. Hope you managed to get one for yourself.

  2. I didn't! :( I was flying so didn't think I could manage it. But I'm going to get one here as soon as I can. They are just so gorgeous!!

  3. Love this one, Cindy! That candy store holds some great memories for me: Turkish Delight!