Sunday, January 15, 2012

Our trip to San Antonio

In early December we were lucky enough to get to visit San Antonio. We wanted to check out and experience the Riverwalk but found out that we were going to have the extra pleasure of seeing it all lit up for Christmas. San Antonio is one of the top 10 Christmas towns in America.

 Our view of the park outside our hotel window. We stayed at The St. Anthony and I can recommend it. We were treated like visiting royalty and the rooms were to die for. At night the park was lit up with Christmas lights, so pretty. Wonderful to wake up and look below and see  the locals and tourists alike beginning their day, walking through the park. I would figure out what to wear every morning. There they are with their scarves on. Better bundle up.

Right outside St. Anthony was this beautiful church. First thing we'd see when we left the hotel every morning.

Kevin and Jotty heading out, getting started on our journey to see everything San Antonio has to offer. Even the sidewalks and streets are extraordinary in S. A. It's a very exciting city! I think this is the day we arrived. Our traveling buddies Fred and Jotty from California and Kevin and I from Idaho. Here we go!

Some of my favorite things about San Antonio were all the cool buildings and the hustle and bustle energy that pervades the city.  The sky was nothing to turn your nose up at either. Gorgeous. (Check out the moon.) I love seeing it in the daytime. 

The stunning Riverwalk.

All along the Riverwalk.

Our traveling compadres. Brother and sister in law. I wonder how many pictures we took?

Umbrella love.

 Anticipation! Waiting for the sky to darken to capture the trees in all their lit up glory. I couldn't wait.

Unfortunately I had a difficult time with night pics. Can you believe it? My pics don't do the scene justice at all! But I'll show you what I've got.

You couldn't walk anywhere without feeling like something exciting was going to happen!

 One of the most pleasurable things was being able to walk everywhere. You miss so much speeding by in a car don't you think? When we couldn't walk we took the trolley cars. Too fun.

Every where you looked there were Christmas trees! Some 40 ft. tall! It was so fun to be walking down the street looking for a coffee shop and just have to stop and snap the camera at all the beautifully decorated, twinkling trees. I love this one.

Yet another fun way to explore the city. We didn't wind up doing this. Guess we're going to have to go back.

The decorations in the mall were over the top!

Cool, gnarled old tree near the Alamo.

The weather was brisk (ok, sometimes down right cold!) and invigorating! Nothing like a blustery, wet day to put a spring in your step! 

A shot of all the buildings that surround you when you're walking through S. A. That's the Tower of the Americas on the right there. We went there for an elegant dinner and spectacular view of the Alamo city on our last night.

I just thought this was funny.

 Fred & Jotty O

One of my few night shots. :(

The Alamo

Another shot of that beauty.

The colorful shopping!

 We had dinner at this frenzied, amazing place! This is the bakery part of the restaurant. At one point the line was a 40 minute wait! For the bakery purchases. We got right in to sit down and eat. It was hoppin'!

Fun, festive, colorful, cheerful, a few words that describe San Antonio.

Tower of the Americas. I don't like heights much. But I'm really glad these guys talked me into this. The view was just too good to miss. 

Super fun trip!!!

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  1. Great "tour" of San Antonio! Makes me want to go there!
    What were you and Kevin laughing about in last photo?