Sunday, January 1, 2012


 I am announcing to all of "Blog Space"
I plan to emulate the following women
as my New year Resolution!
A great coiffed hair style! Gold bangles.
Great glass of red wine!
I'm on it!

Real mink fur cuffs!
White gloves, and a snifter full of Brandy.
So me!

Form fitting dress and elbow length white gloves!

Must learn the art of slinging jacket
over shoulder!

Can I get that pose down?
Wow... must practice!

Where can I find a cigarette holder like that one?
Must look around..Big Smoke?

If I dye my hair red this might work!

Happy New Year
May Our Resolutions "Rock"!


  1. Ha ha ha, LOVE it! You can so do this! I was just telling Mecale the other day how I was not going to dwell on all those traditional resolutions. I just want to be stylish in 2012! Ha, and now look at your helpful post! All those "my style" boards on Pinterest are influencing me. You should so totally die your hair red! YES! And I am on the hunt for an apple green outfit like that, or is it chartreuse? Whatever, it's so cool! I'll try to follow up with my own dreams of style on here, how fun. Happy New Year and watch out world, the two Lou's are gettin their fashionista on!!!!

  2. I mean dye. Sheesh, and another resolution, spell better!

  3. Karen, dear. So wonderful when a girl finds *her* style. Yes, I think you are spot on. Especially the brandy.

  4. Love this post. But maybe because that's the way ladies looked when I was wanting to qualify as one. Now I would just like the figure back that could wear such fitting outfits! Great styles and all the best with "the look" :)