Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dreams of being a fashionista...

Let's ring in the new year with fashion shall we? Karen Lou posted her beautiful vintage finds and inspired me to share the dream ensembles I would like to have in my wardrobe. Most of them are casual outfits but oh so stylish.  I think I'll start with this beautiful nail color that's on my wish list.

I believe Chanel is calling this color Mink. I call it gorgeous. I found these pics on Pinterest, if  you click on  the link it will take you to another blog that has less expensive options for similar colors. How helpful is that?

How cute is this? Who wouldn't want cheerful poppy red in their closet? Set the world on fire! OK, this post is turning into a bit of a challenge for me. I'm embedding and using code so, you know, tricky, I can see now with my spacing and wanting to write descriptions under the pics, things may not go how I planned. So bear with me please. Trying to learn, he he. Hey! I just wanna wear pretty clothes. Anyway, I think on this post some of my copy is going to be above the pic. I have no idea what will happen next, hopefully we can muddle our way through together.

I thought this gathering of goodies was beyond beautiful. I so want to try to throw this together. Absolutely love this burnt orange pea coat. That's what's so great about these style boards. Just try and find similar things in your own closet and make it work. I just love the ideas! I do need to buy an orange pea coat though. I don't know how I can fake color. I have a black one but no, I WANT ORANGE! I think I could safely substitute my brown boots. What do you think?

Glorious shots of red here! LOVE it!

Yummy yellow and gray, seems to be the hot color combo for fashion and home decor alike. Me like!

Classy, and with those heels...sassy! I don't wear heels very often. It really is an art. Apparently one I've lost. Love the outfit though. And there's always flats! Woohoo!

I thought this was a cute, fussy, dressy outfit. Everyone likes to throw a fuss every now and then. One of the things I love about these ensembles is the fact that you can change a few pieces and make it appropriate for your own age group or whatever you feel comfortable wearing. I'd probably get a shirt with sleeves. Maybe sheer ones though. Mix and match and age it up or down. Something for everyone. Fashion is so exciting.

Oh my gosh I love this one!!! Love the way it shows it off with both heels and flats. See? Looks amazing with both. Come on Spring!

This is probably enough on the wish list for now. This ought to keep me busy. Love that beautiful sweater and those floral flats! Aggghhhh! (biting my fist!) Happy dressing everyone!


  1. Cindy Lou..of course you can be a fashion model!
    Not only do you have the body structure to pull any oufit off, you have the beautiful "spirit" behind it! You are so beautiful inside and out!

    Love you Cindy Lou!

    P.S. Can ABSOLUTELY see you in any ensemble you put together!

  2. My favorite outfits for you would be "1,#2 and #5...but they would all look good!

  3. Karen! Thank you. That is so incredibly kind of you! Let's go shopping! At second hand stores and see what treasures we can find and then post them!

  4. And I vote for 8,2 4 and 13. You MUST get an orange pea coat. Would look great on you, as would anything which is the #1 reason I find you annoying. AND I have that nail polish!!! Well, maybe not the Chanel version but close from DSW.

  5. Cheri you are so hilarious! Pure fun. DSW? I don't think I've heard of that brand, I was gonna try Essie. I may have to look for that now.