Saturday, December 10, 2011

A little bit of Christmas Cheer...

       OK, this post is dedicated to all my Antiquing buddies. You know who you are. I'm not so sure this really has anything at all to do with Christmas, but it is indeed going to bring about some cheer. For my girlfriends anyway. We just got back from a fun filled trip to San Antonio and while visiting there went to tour a shoe factory. SAS, San Antonio shoes.  The tour was interesting and informative but the real magic happened afterward. There's a general store where you can try on and buy shoes. (30% less than at the retail stores!) The SAS slogan is Life is a journey. Wear  comfortable shoes.  Isn't that awesome? Not to mention a good idea too. Anyway, walking into the general store the shoes completely faded away for me because that place was decorated with the most amazing primitives, country cupboard and counters, metal racks, screens....on and on. Pretty much if they were selling them it would be the best Antique store I've ever been to. This post is not for the faint hearted, I think there are 46 pics. But I know my friends are sturdy enough for the journey. I hope you enjoy these "fine antiques" as much as I did!

I fell in love with this little counter top display piece. Thought it was so darling I almost hugged it! Can't you just see it on a kitchen counter next to your "coffee station"?

This is their "working" kitchen. They actually used it to prepare food! Good snacks while you shop that had the back in the day prices. 10¢ cokes in a cup with crushed ice! 10¢ popcorn, natural fresh made peanut butter. I just loved the sink.

This was one of my fave pieces right here. Is this awesome or what? I don't know if you can see it, but it has screen sides. Sigh. I did a lot of dreaming in this place.

OMGosh! I want this so bad. I'm picturing it in my bathroom with towels and all the other paraphernalia that seem to gather there. Do you see the wheels on the bottom? Biting your fist yet?

There wasn't one average or modern piece of furniture in this store. Every counter and display case was old. The story is when the owner hired someone to decorate his store, he wanted it to look like an old time general store. Well, I don't know who did the decorating and acquiring but, mission accomplished!

There were several screen doors that were to die for. Some actually hung to their original purpose. 

And the metal racks. So many! People just don't know. One of a kinders, seriously!

Trying to show the detail here on the counter. Every piece was like this, stand out as the star of the show.

OK, now come on. Really? I mean look at this. I must have walked around this store 20 times trying to take it all in.

This cupboard was so pretty! It had that 40's green AND robin's egg blue chippy paint on it. And screens!

I had a real serious issue with myself over this. I thought it was beyond  cool. Love it!

 My daughter thought this would make a lovely lingerie chest. Sure would!

How cool is this car? I think they had someone full time polishing it, there was always someone wiping it down (lovingly). It is the prettiest color of green. 


I pictured this in a home or apartment where there wasn't enough closet space. Or maybe one where there was plenty but you just wanted to use this uber cool wardrober. It's wood! It was gorgeous. You could maybe put shoes on the top!

Tons of cool old signage.

.5 cent coffee. For real.

What about this for a pantry? Or in a big pantry against the wall or something? Very shallow so would fit in one really well. So cool with the door on it.

This counter here was exceptional. I tried to show its different sides. I've never seen one like it, not this good anyway. It was under quite a bit, so hard to see the whole impact of its goodness. I think the back side of it had screens.

I think this might be the only pic in this post of shoes! LOL. I was really taking a pic of the metal rack holding socks. Again.

I bit my fist really hard over this here. If I could've found a screwdriver I might've tried to take it off and run really fast. THANKS CALL AGAIN. Love it!

I was trying to show the cute, scrolly sided bench in here but kind of fell in love with the busy chaos of all the Christmas treats. Fun.

Funnest General Store I've ever been to! Even though I got a little distracted by all the cool decor.....

I did take the time to snag myself some sweet shoes!

I know I should stop now, but isn't my dog cute?

Some of the ladies shoes seem a little matronly at first but they have tons of styles and they really are soooo comfortable! I found these and now that I've got them home, love em! Best of all, made in the USA!


  1. I want to go to there!

  2. What a great post.
    I am so interested in these SAS shoes!
    Aren't they suppose to help your feet and so on?
    I know they have a store here in Boise. Tell me how they make your feet feel. Your shoes look " Groovy"... I need some good shoe's for my poor "aching dog's".

  3. They do? Let's go there together so you can try them on! They make my feet feel very cushioned and supported!

  4. What a great post! Antiques & shoes!!

    I never hear about SAS shoes and my Mom loved them--because they were so comfortable. Also, I kept trying to remember which display piece I just loved so I could comment on it...but there were so many, I gave up! I would have been in that place for hours and hours.

  5. Cheri, we were! We could not believe how long we stayed there. That place kept us thoroughly entertained!

  6. My favorite items were ALL the metal racks and the benches for trying on shoes. Wish I had some of those metal racks!
    I would love to go to the SAS store with you, its on Fairview somewhere.....