Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Decorating this year was a lot of fun!
So much of what I find in Thrift Stores goes into my decorating and I love pulling it all out and putting it together!
Some of my favorite Christmas treasures I have found "second hand", I know there is a story behind each ornament or decoration.

These beautiful little ornaments were made in West Germany.
I found these just a couple of days ago and felt lucky I did.
I don't know if I totally agree with this plaque I hang on my door every Christmas.
But what I do know is Christ, Who came as our Savior, is all that counts!

This nut wreath was made by my husband and myself several years ago.
Mark drilled every hole in each nut (& apricot pit ) and I wired them all onto
a metal frame to make the wreath. Hours and hours of work, we made several.

Finished Wreath

 We have had this Nativity since we were first married, 30 plus years now.
My Mother got it for us from Guadalajara, Mexico.
It is hand made. The hand painting on each character gives it life!
I love this!
 We had a tradition, when our girls were young, for every Christmas.
Each figurine was wrapped, and Mary and Elizabeth would take turns, picking, and unwrapping.
It was always a celebration who ever unwrapped Baby Jesus.
Of course there was a bit of competition, always made it exciting!

This is probably my favorite Nativity.
I found this in a Thrift Store several years ago, it was encased in this crazy frame with all sorts of plastic
plants, and what not... All I knew was there was a Bag Piper there!

Joseph, Mary, and Baby Jesus...Fleeing

Center Piece

Frog's Habitat...Christmasfied..

Monk Ville

I found these Studio 56 Monks years ago at Idaho Youth Ranch for 50 cents each, still in their boxes!
I love these Monks, they bring a smile to my face each year.
Garland around the "ELF TREE" we got this year.
Vintage ornaments, collected over the years from Thrift Stores.
I love finding these ornaments  made in West Germany, Poland or the good ol' US of A!

These Poinsettias are equal to Costco, but I bought mine from Walmart.
Going on to week three and am impressed.
Oh yes, about $3 cheaper per plant.

 " Peace on the earth, good will to men From heav'n's all gracious King"
Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!


  1. Breathtaking post Karen. I especially love the garland around the elf tree. Oh my. You have such an eye for what will look fabulous when placed in your home! Such talent. What an "all star" thrifter you are! And I think I'm gonna have to run out to Walmart today to snag me some poinsettias!