Monday, December 19, 2011

It's the most busy, frenetic, budget straining, bit stressful, dreamy, glowing, wonderful time!

Some fun pastimes we've been indulging in this Christmas Season...Decking the Halls!

I'm not real sure what the theme of my mantel is. I was trying for a "Natural" Christmas this year. Hmmm. Don't know. This is usually what happens with me and decorating. Kind of random and no theme at all after all. Oh well. Last year and this year I've enjoyed gathering branches and hanging ornaments on them. 

My efforts at the natural look. Watched Little Women, (one of my faves!) and everything was just so beautiful. Fresh greens gathered out of their yards and forests around them. Made into stunning wreaths and garlands. So I strung some cranberries and they are so pretty! I love 'em! 

Really enjoying my reindeer. I picked them up last year at Michaels. I love their antlers and their sleek, graceful necks.

I had a lot of fun with this guy. I kept seeing these gorgeous pictures of mini primitive trees, I just had to try and do one of my own. I came up with this. 

I love the simple look. I don't always manage to pull it off, well, rarely. This corner seemed to work.

I think I got this idea from Country Living. I have a few treasured vintage post cards of Christmas scenes. The artwork is so beautiful, it's irresistible.  

My silver bells. Love 'em! Each one is shaped differently.

A Dear friend made this gift tag "Merry Christmas" for me years ago. I love it and use it every year! It's the little things. (Thank you Cheri!)

My lonely tree, waiting for the presents to gather underneath. 

Now on to WRAPPING! Found my paper at Hobby Lobby this year. They had a huge row of the stuff and it is nice! Heavy weight and there is a grid on the back that helps you cut straight. Very handy.  I think I walked up and down that aisle a thousand times trying to pick. Finally ended up with this. And it was 50% off. Sweet!

Boxes waiting for their bows! Guess what I'm doing today?

VOLUNTEERING! Very rewarding. We had a blast donating two hours of our time this year to Salvation Army and food sorting. First of all it was gratifying to see all the food people are donating and their willingness to show up to help sort.  Working with this team is pure fun! My son Jayden was the only one who couldn't join us, he was working. Next year!

My daughter Darcy. She was very proud of her skills.

This group is impressively efficient and fast. We were finished in no time. It was like a whirlwind in there, one would've thought we were professional sorters! 

These barrels were full of canned goods which we emptied and sorted and stored on the shelves. When the first barrel was empty Mecale bellows out, "WE GOT AN EMPTY!" It was hilarious! She sounded like a dock worker that had been doing this for years. Never a dull moment with my family, they are so fun to be with. Afterwards we went for pizza. I think we've started a new tradition.

CHRISTMAS LIGHTS! This is The Cadger Dubstep Christmas House.  What a show. This is so ironic. My daughter saw this on StumbleUpon and it's actually right here in Meridian! We went right over and checked it out. It was awesome!

This is our very own neighbor! Not bad. Can you say Griswold? I mean look at that roof!

Don't forget baking! Our first efforts. I hope there will be more baking! Kisses inside pie dough. Yum!

I was determined to forage and here I am! Karen and I were picking pine cones off her tree and her neighbor was out walking her dog and said why didn't we come over to her yard and just pick them up off the ground. So we did. 

You know you've got a friend when she'll come outside and help you gather pine cones when it's in the 20's! Baby it was cold outside. Thank you Karen!

 A must. Go out to lunch with a friend during the holidays. Everything is humming and alive with motivated people rushing around trying to take care of their heart's desires. Not to mention the restaurants are decked out with crazy good Christmas deco! We chose Kneaders and we were not disappointed. 

This is what we stared at while waiting to order our sandwiches. Delicioso! 

Any sugar plums in there?

Festive and fun atmosphere at Kneaders! We'll be back.

SHOPPING! Karen snagged a gorgeous wreath!

All around the stunning, glittery, splendor of Pottery Barn and the husband is fascinated with the fake snow.  "This stuff is bad ass." Mecale thought she was funny creeping.

~Wishing you comfort & joy~
Merry Christmas!


  1. I LOVE IT!
    Great job Cindy Lou!
    Well worth the wait but it leaves me wanting more....

  2. hahaha, nice photos ladies! The dessert cabinet looks especially nice!! Cheers, Heather Hawkinson