Thursday, March 15, 2012


A 25 minute walk can not only give you
a bit of exercise but can be
a great "experience"! 
Very fulfilling in many ways!

Caught this little critter, in this beautiful tree one minute into my walk!

Heard the "Fire Alarm", brought back memories of School, as I watched all
the kids file out!


Oh Spring!


 This is the pedestrian bridge crossing Overland
between Curtis and Cole!

A safe passage for children and all the rest of us!

Walking along, and of course a Fire Truck is always impressive!
So took a picture!

Whoops, they over shot! Must of turned a U-Turn....
Wait! ... Is it the Elementry School I just passed!

Oh ....  Another Truck on the way!

As I return to investigate, I have to pause and take a
 picture of our beautiful snow covered  mountains ... Shame on me!

Switching gears here!
Walked down the bridge and met up with an elderly
woman who was out walking her dog.
We both exchanged concerns of what was going on!
This is the dog she was out walking.

This beautiful dog looked familar to me!
YES, this dog is a Norwegian Elk Hound..
10 months old, and just graduated from school with
a first place ribbon, in the category of "stay"!
Now, I must add that my Son-In-Law and daughter
have a Norwegian Elk Hound similar in age!
Going through school as I write! 

His name is "Chisem"

Okay back to the crisis
at Grace Jordan Elementry School!

Kids are now being led from their safe spot ( A Church parking lot behind school) back to school!
So all is well!

These little Tulips are peeking their heads
up in our own yard! (Oh yes, and a weed to boot!).

Mark's little Garlic Field!

 All 30 Rose Plants, that Mark tends
to every year! Starting to bloom.

Okay, that is what I saw on my walk today.


  1. What an adventure you had! 30 rose bushes? Wow. I did not know you had so many. Do you always have fresh cut rose bouquets in your house? OMGosh, Chisem is so stinkin cute!! I took Ruie to Julia Davis park (it was cold) and the giraffe was poking his or her head and neck over the fence. So cute! I took some pics. I want to go to the zoo first nice day. You want to go?