Saturday, March 10, 2012


Thrift Stores are therapy for me!
I can go in a store and get my buggy and totally get 
lost for awhile! There is music playing, people bouncing
around, employees stocking from their carts,
kids totally out of control, 
and yet I find a little peace as I browse through out the store.

This is my most frequented thrift store!
It's on Orchard between Emerald and Franklin.
It is also in my "Bubble."
I Like the staff, and once in a while I can find a treasure but, they tend to over price!

This Idaho Youth Ranch on Orchard street, has a huge and well organized book department! A whole room devoted to books.

To buy or not to buy?

Oh, a definate YES! Buy it!

Cute as a Bug, but a little "Frumpy."


Love you Mecale! We have to do more thrifting together!

Mother and Daughter, is it worth it or not?
Yes it was worth it.

Another store within my " Bubble."

Yes! Mecale is joining us.

This was one of my best finds at the " NAC "
A beautiful batik, old and very detailed from China.

Good thrift store, but a bit disorganized.

Fun store, but now are joining in with all the other thrift stores, marking up collectibles above or equal to Antique store prices! 
What happened to the "thrift?" 

But does the over pricing of thrift store items
stop me? No, ticks me off, but every once in awhile 
I find something they have missed! :)
An absolute treasure being tucked away in Cindy Lou's trunk!

More than one treasure!
What a happy Cindy Lou! 

Thrifting with friends
makes for a "treasured day!"


  1. LOL! OMGoodness. Look at us! I still have not done anything with that tree. That dress I'm trying on looks just like the curtains hanging at the thrift store. Every girl's dream I'm sure! What a fun day though, and a fun pastime! Reading your post makes me want to get out and go thrifting again!

  2. Me too! That was so fun, we definitely need to all go thrifting again! Feels like it's been forever...

  3. ps the pink dress is hilarious bc you can't tell i couldn't zip it up in the back! haha

  4. Looks like every woman's dream day out. A real hoot!