Saturday, September 3, 2011

It's so hard to say goodbye to Summer...

Some fun highlights all around Boise this Summer. One of my fave things to do, walk around beautiful downtown Boise. Any season really, but Summer is particularly fine. This Summer took a while to heat up, we're still wearing our sweaters.  Here we are back in June at Moon's cafe downtown. I think it was my birthday, I'd just gotten my smokin' hot cool bike! (hot cool?)

Everyday scenery downtown. 

I've always found window cleaning day a little daunting.

I thought this building was pretty cool. What a job!

 My bike! And that drop dead gorgeous green belt.

One of my favorite things about this Summer was we did not go on a lot of road trips. It was wonderful staying in town and enjoying everything the area has to offer. Beautiful, serene parks. So many!

Sitting outside, breathing that fresh air in, that golden sun, soaking up all the beauty that Summertime is.

Sunburns and concerts and camping, Oh my!

Garden parties in Eagle ID.
Nice view huh?

Summer walks...

and mornings.

Road trip to Sun Valley!

Payette Lake in McCall ID. Just a two hour drive. I have to pinch myself sometimes. 

"And I shall have some peace there,
for peace comes dropping slow,
Dropping from the veils of the morning
to where the cricket sings."  ~yeats~

Sweet, splendid Summer evenings.

 More evening fun with the family and Grandma Ruie at Hungry Onion in Meridian. Crushed ice!

Is it really goodbye? I will miss you Summer and all that you entail. Until next time. Hello Fall. 


  1. Lovely shots and such wonderful gardens. It doesn't look like you get our oppressive summers where everything dies. Guess that means you get oppressive winters. No matter. Lets face it we are so blessed to live where we live. Enjoy the last bits of glorious warmth. PS. That is a super cool bike. You would look so cute on it with your flowing golden curls.

  2. Thank you Sandy! Can't wait to show you what Fall and Winter are like around here! Stay tuned!